ending your tenancy

You cannot end your tenancy until the expiry date of your tenancy agreement, or the expiry date of any subsequent extension or renewal. If, however, the agreement was allowed to continue on a monthly basis after the expiry date, you will need to give us one month's notice (2 months' notice in Scotland), in writing, of your intention to end your tenancy.

We would advise contacting us before submitting notice to terminate as it may be possible, depending on your reasons for leaving, for us to help you with an onward move. For example, if you need to up-size, down-size or re-locate, Allsop manages over 10,000 properties across the UK and we may be able to accommodate your change in circumstances.

However, if you must end your tenancy please refer to your tenancy agreement to check your obligations prior to handing back the property to us. This will reduce the risk of your deposit being withheld to cover the cost of things like cleaning, keys, replacements, or other costs not covered by fair wear and tear during your stay.