tenancy agreement

Our tenancy agreements include terms to ensure that people are able to fully enjoy living in their homes. We would respectfully ask that consideration be given to neighbours, particularly regarding noise levels, to prevent any avoidable disputes.

One aspect of the agreement is the requirement for residents to inform us of any repairs or maintenance work which need to be carried out. Our job is to be responsive to residents living in the properties we manage and we view the agreement as a joint effort to keep the property in a good and safe state of repair.

In order to provide you with further information about our tenancy agreements, you can view the British Property Federation approved agreement below, which we base our tenancy agreements upon. Please be aware that this is a standard version and that some agreements may vary according to client and resident requirements. If you have any questions about tenancy agreements please call a member of our letting team on 0345 873 6556. We have also provided information about tenancies in Scotland.

example of BPF tenancy agreement

tenancy in Scotland