Pet Policy

Allsop actively support pet friendly tenancies. We understand that pets are part of the family and as such we provide the information below to assist when applying to rent a property together with your pet.

Please do ask us if anything is unclear or we can be of assistance in helping you understand what is required when renting with a pet.

Application and Residency

Meeting on-site (bring doggie / moggie to view!)

We recommend bringing your pet to the viewing. This allows your pet to be introduced to the apartment and development and to see if they like their new home!

Considerations to note

Applications are considered on a strictly case by case basis and acceptance of any pet is at our absolute discretion (and refusal to accept any pet is without penalty to us). Applications from pet owners that wish to bring more than two dogs or two cats will not be considered.

This pet policy makes provision for Dogs and Cats, any other pets will be considered at the discretion of the management team.

Only one dog up to a medium size, or two small dogs will be considered.

Applications of any animal listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 will not be considered.

You will, at all times, be expected to be a responsible pet owner and keep your pet in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006. If we believe that a pet has been neglected or abandoned, we will report it to an appropriate animal welfare organisation.

Pets will at all times remain your sole responsibility and we owe no duty of care whatsoever to the pets.

Passport and reference

When you apply to rent a property from us, we will ask you to provide us with references for your pet. This could be from a previous landlord or your vet, or both.

We will then provide an application form for you to complete and subject to acceptance, issue a passport for your pet. This will include a picture of your pet, confirmation of its breed, sex, age, microchip number and name.

We will also ask you to provide the details of a local vet and details of a person who can care for your pet in an emergency.

We ask cat owners to provide a scratch stick.

You may also wish to consider any additional level of insurance that may be required for your peace of mind.

Additional clauses that will be contained within your Tenancy Agreement

Your tenancy agreement will feature special conditions and clauses that cater for your pet living with you at the property. These clauses broadly cover responsibilities incorporated in being a responsible pet owner, including but not limited to:-

  • Confirmation that your pet has had the correct vaccinations, flea and worming treatments and that you will ensure on-going treatment to keep the property free from parasites
  • That you will ensure your pet does not cause a nuisance to neighbours or other residents. This includes excessive noise
  • That your pet is kept under control and on a lead in communal areas, walkways and any other area within the development
  • That you will not allow your pet to breed or offer for sale any animal within the property
  • That your pet is well trained
  • That your pet will not foul inside the property, except for caged pets and pets trained to use a litter tray
  • That you will not leave your pet home alone for more than four hours at a time
  • That you will not leave your pet in the property when you away unless appropriate arrangements to care for your pet have been made
  • That your pet is walked when necessary and that you will ensure your dog is washed / cleaned before entering back into the building
  • That you have a person to care for your pet in an emergency – these details should be provided to us in advance within the application form mentioned above
  • That you agree to have the property professional cleaned on departure including deep steam cleaning and flea / mite treatment of carpets. You will be asked to provide proof of such
  • That you ensure the cleanliness of your pet when using communal areas and lifts
  • That your pet has appropriate public liability and pet insurance
  • That your pet is microchipped
  • That your pet is vaccinated
  • Any damage (including chewing or clawing) of furniture will be addressed via the deposit and will not be considered normal wear and tear, this may include the replacement of carpets

Breach of Agreement

Should any pet injure anyone, or cause significant damage to any part of the property or development, or cause a nuisance, we reserve the right, on behalf of the landlord, to revoke consent. Where consent is revoked, you will be given 24 hours’ notice to remove the pet from the property.

You should be aware that if you fail to comply with this policy and the clauses contained within your tenancy agreement, we, on behalf of the landlord, have the right to serve notice for you to vacate the property before the end of your agreement.

On-site pet services and communal areas

Landscaped common areas within the grounds of the building are for the exclusive use of residents. Pets are welcome and good behaviour is expected at all times especially surrounding hygiene, cleanliness, noise and nuisance. Grassed areas will be enjoyed by residents and used for personal recreation; hence pets are not permitted to foul on the grassed areas. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times when using these areas.

If there is an unanticipated event within the development and your pet is caught short, please ensure you clean up appropriately and dispose of the waste in designated receptacles.

Please note that pets will not be permitted to use the communal spaces within the building.

Local Suppliers / Businesses

We have partnered with suppliers and businesses to provide you with local support and care of your pets. They may offer discounts on services and supplies. Information is available on the resident’s portal.

  • Pets shop(s)
  • Local vet(s)
  • Dog grooming
  • Borrow my dog service
  • Dog walking / sitting services

Finally, if you require support in looking after your pet there are a number of organisations who can help with assistance or advice. Please see some details below or contact your vet for further information.